TruClear Concentrate Syringe 1,275mg Hybrid

Sku: 3040



TruClear is a pure cannabis oil extract concentrate that has no added cutting ingredient.

THC per syringe: Approximately 1,275mg

CBD per syringe: Less than 30mg

Available in Chem Dawg and Dogwalker OG.

The ratio of THC to CBD in this product is 20:1. The average dose for this product is 5mg, 2 times per day. Based on the average dose a 30-day supply is $21, a 50-day supply is $35, and a 70-day supply is $49. These figures are based only on average doses and may not be applicable to all patients. Consult a certified physician to find out what dose works best for your condition.


Unscrew the child safe top. Do not use the shaft from the bottom of the container with this product, as the thickness of the liquid will clog it. Twist the base of the device counterclockwise to push substance through the opening. Consume the dose recommended by a doctor as this amount is very concentrated and each rice-sized amount contains approximately 30mg of active ingredient.


This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. This product is infused with marijuana or active compounds of marijuana. This product should not be used by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. For use by adults as well as children only as recommended by a physician. Keep out of reach of children. Products containing THC can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of this drug. Caution: when consumed, the intoxicating effects of this drug may be delayed by two (2) or more hours. This product may be unlawful outside the state of Florida. The enclosed container is child resistant.

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Clear Oil Extract

Cutting Ingredient


Dose Unit


Amount Per Dose

25mg THC, Less Than 1mg CBD


50 30mg Doses